Mammoth Propagator Dual 120 Tent - 120CM x 120CM x 210CM | Clone & Grow Box

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Mammoth propagator tents are excellent for early stages of plant growth, and are also ideal for containing a mother plant. Mammoth propagator Dual 90 grow tents are easy to assemble and are of a high quality. Machine washable, these grow tents meet all the requirements expected of a propagation unit.

Allowing three possible configurations:

  • Propagation Top
  • Propagation Bottom
  • Independent side-by-side


Dimensions Volume Material Doors     Ventilation Water Tray
Assembled WxDxH m3   Front Rear Side Windows  
1200 x 1200 x 2100 3.02 190D Mylar 2 none none 2x 300x200 Removable
Inlet/Outlet Dia.         Frame     Corners Equipment Hook Strap Chains
Layer Cable Inlet Outlet Cool Tube Dia. Thick. Material Material Hangers      
Single 2x 76 2x 203 2x 203 2x 203 16 0.5 Steel PP Copolymer 4 none 4 n/a

In The Box

  • [1] x Mammoth Propagator Dual 120 Tent - 120CM x 120CM x 210CM
  • Dual chamber grow tent
  • High light proof qualities: Level one
  • Reflective hammered effect of 190D Mylar fabric
  • Mylar lines: Highly reflective (95 percent)
  • Removable water tray
  • Two removable capture spaces
  • Water proof
  • 2 inlet port
  • Thermally isolated paned between the grow spaces
  • 2 cable port
  • Steel frames
  • Equipment hangers
  • 2 outlet port


  • Prevents the spread of diseases
  • Blocks attack from insects
  • Supports growth at different stages in a single unit
  • Prevents adverse effects from undesired climatic conditions