Lighting Kit HPS Flower Lucagrow 400W + Nanolux Ballast + Gloria 6" Air-Cooled Reflector


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Slim Nanolux Digital Dimmable HPS & MH Ballast - 400W | 1 Year AUS Warranty

Big things DO come in little packages!!! The revolutionary new Nanolux Ballast is about to change everything you expect from the driving source of any indoor garden, YOUR LIGHTING!!! This ballast is the smallest, lightest, and most stable ballast on the market today.

The Nanolux ballast OG series is the Authentic Original Nano design on the market.

In addition to the popular dimming function, which allows you to operate your ballast at Super-lux, 100%, 75% and 50% power, we have also incorporated our new Random start and NCCS system.

Random Start, gives each ballast a 0-15 seconds window upon which it will strike the bulb. This allows for a less initial power draw when using multiple ballasts for larger installations.


  • Input voltage range: 165-265VAC
  • Power Factor: >0.99
  • Crest Factor: <1.7
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <10%
  • Operating Temperature: -30 to 50°C, with built-in thermal protection device fitted to 105°C and restarting at 50°C
  • Output Frequency: ≥30KHz
  • Strike both HPS and MH lamps
  • Strike bulbs from up to 15 meters


GE Lucagrow Lamp 400W

The G.E Lucagrow HPS lamps offer a compliment or complete substitute to natural light. The High Xenon Gas Fill in the Lucagrow lamps give up to 20% more light than standard high pressure sodium lamps and have a long life of up to 28,500 hours. The Lucagrow lamp maintains 90% light output over the life of the lamp and is fully interchangeable with other HPS lamps. 

  • The 400W G.E Lucagrow HPS lamp will put out 56,500 lumens with a colour temperature of 2,000K.
  • The 600W G.E Lucagrow HPS lamp will put out 90,000 lumens with a colour temperature of 2,000K.
  • The 1000W G.E Lucagrow HPS lamp will put out 140,000 lumens with a colour temperature of 2,100K.


Gloria Air-Cooled HID Reflector 150MM (6" inch)

The Gloria Air-Cooled HID Reflector 150MM (6" inch) measures at 70CM long x 50CM wide and 20CM deep, it gives your garden wide area of coverage possible in an air coolable reflector.

  • Broad light spread allows close placement of plants for maximum light delivery in low-clearance locations
  • Constructed with heavy duty pre-galvanized steel
  • Completely sealed gasketed glass provides tight fit
  • Made from premium 95% reflective European aluminum
  • Comes with built-in socket, 5m pre-wired lamp cord, and hanging hooks
  • Reflector size: 50CM x 70CM x 20CM


  • [1] x Nanolux Slim Digital Ballast 400W
  • [1] x GE Lucagrow HPS Lamp 400W
  • [1] x Gloria Air-Cooled Reflector 150MM
  • [1 Pair] x Heavy Duty Reflector Hangers
Barcode # Does not apply
Brand Nanolux
Shipping Weight 5.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.550m
Shipping Height 0.150m
Shipping Length 0.400m
Shipping Cubic 0.033000m3
Unit Of Measure ea

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