Lighting HPS DE Kit Gavita 1000W + Lumatek Ballast + Adjust-A-Wings Hellion Defender


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Lumatek Ultimate Pro Dimmable Ballast - 1000W | 240V & 400V

The Lumatek Pro 1000 is a remote electronic ballast that will plug into standard 240V mains supply and power 1000W 400Volt Double Ended (K12x30s)HPS grow lamps. This dimmable ballast has a boot-laced (exposed wires) output (lamp) cable for direct connections to a reflector with a 'K12x30s' Double-Ended mogul socket such as the 'Lumatek 1000De Reflector'. It can be easily integrated into your existing grow room; simply replace your ballast/reflector/lamp with the Lumatek Pro 1000 bundle and you will instantly achieve more useable grow light! More light = more yield!

The Lumatek Pro 1000 has benne specifically designed to help the hobby grower access the benefits of using electronics to control and power professional 400Volt horticultural lamps. These lamps are superior to the 240Volt lamps traditionally used in the hobby hydroponics and indoor garden markets due to their increased efficiency and greater PAR spectrum output. Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) refers to the part of the light spectrum that plants actually use to photosynthesize and convert energy to grow.

Using microprocessor and software controlled electronics, the Lumatek Pro 1000 is an ultra-light frequency ballast operating at 125Hz (125,000 cycles per second). a conventional magnetic ballast operates at 50Hz (50 cycles per second), making much less light available to the plant. This increased efficiency means less power is lost from the power supply to the lamp. The high-frequency output results in low power loss at the cathodes in addition to better overall power management.


  • Size L x W x H(mm): 318 x 166 x 96
  • Weight (Kg): 4.9
  • Case: Graduated Fin Aluminium
  • Dimming Range (W): 600W ‐ 750W ‐ 1000W - 1000SL (SL=~10% boost)
  • Mains Supply Voltage: 240V 50Hz
  • Input Current(A): 4.7
  • Input Power (W): 1050
  • Output Power (W): 1000
  • Operating Frequency (KHz): 125
  • Power Factor: 0.99
  • THD(%): <8
  • Efficiency(%): 96
  • Mains Voltage Range(V): 175 ‐ 275


Adjust-A-Wings Defender (White Coating) Medium + Hellion DE Lamp Holder

  • Twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors in the global market
  • Increase the growing Area under each lamp by up to 75%
  • Increase Yield per Lamp up to 50%. Reduce heat, Save power
  • A wide range of settings available with all models
  • Adjust the Reflector & Lamp settings to create 'seasonal' conditions
  • To suit all 600W, 750W & 1000W DE lamps
  • Greatly reduces leaf surface temperature
  • Super splitter included
  • 5 lamp-height positions
  • 9 wing-width settings


  • White Reflector
  • 2 tensioning Cables
  • Max crop area. 1.75M x 1.35M
  • Dimensions:
    • Medium - 70CM x 55CM


Gavita Pro Plus EL HPS Lamp - 1000W | 400V | DE | uMol 2100

  • Professional European 1000W high frequency horticultural lamp
  • No wireframe, quartz glass outer bulb for perfect optical quality
  • Double ended, K12 x 30S lamp base for accurate lamp positioning
  • Extremely high photosynthetic photon flux (ppf): 2100 μmol (see specs)
  • Only suitable for high frequency, high voltage Electronic ballasts (Gavita Pro series)
  • 1 year warranty on suitable electronic ballasts (Gavita Pro series)


  • [1] x Lumatek Ultimate Pro Dimmable Ballast - 1000W | 240V & 400V
  • [1] x Adjust-A-Wings Defender (White Coating) Medium + Hellion DE Lamp Holder
  • [1] x Gavita Pro Plus EL HPS Lamp - 1000W | 400V | DE | uMol 2100
  • [1] x Pair of Grow YoYo Light Hanger - Height Adjustable | Ideal for Indoor Grow Tent
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