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Hi-Par 1000W Control Ballast + Gavita 1000W DE Lamp + Adjust-A-Wing Hellion Reflector

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Hi-Par Digital Control Ballast - 1000W | 400V | DE Only | HPS MH | 2018 Model

The HI-PAR 1000w Controllable Ballast is our new smart HID solution for commercial cultivation. Our 1000w HI-PAR Digital Ballasts have built a strong following for reliability, and massive raw power. This new range of 1000w Control Ballasts now gives you manageability and precision control at your fingertips! 

The 1000w Controllable Ballast is our most powerful intelligent 1000w ballast, ever! Utilising premium capacitors for reliability; our workhorse yields huge returns! The HI-PAR 1000w Controllable Ballast incorporates all existing smart HI-PAR technology, with the new addition of controllability! 

Our newest range of Control ballasts are ‘plug & play’ compatible with the HI-PAR Control Station! Simply plug the 

HI-PAR Control Station (sold separately) into the TRS “Link” port on your Controllable Ballast to utilise all our intelligent controller features including sunrise/sunset, digital 1% dimming, lighting timing and more! 


  • Designed for maximum PAR output and efficiency 
  • Intelligent dimming control 60% - 100% or BOOST 
  • Controllable with ‘Hi-PAR Control Station’* 
  • Highest quality internal components 
  • Strikes Double Ended 400v HPS or MH horticultural lamps 
  • Smart green LED indicator light 
  • Digital random start technology 
  • Superior RF Shielding 
  • Start-up current <6.0A 
  • Input 240v, Imax = 5.0A, PF>0.97, CF<1.6 
  • 12 Month limited warranty 

Gavita Pro Plus EL HPS Lamp - 1000W | 400V | DE 

The King Wing is made of 25mm thick nanochrome aluminum and measures 90CM x 90CM. It is manufactured in North America and uses all ETL listed components. The product is quick and easy to assemble and weighs just 9 lbs. Independently adjustable wings allow the grower to create fully custom light patterns, as well as achieve a wider array of light while eliminating "hot spots" and "shady edges". The King Wing boasts higher luminosity per square inch than many of the wing and non-air-cooled reflectors on the market. The nanochrome aluminum is resistant to corrosion making it perfect for high humidity environments. Lamp cord included.


  • Independently adjustable wings
  • Nanochrome aluminum
  • Lamp cord included
  • Creates wider array
  • Fully customizable light pattern
  • Eliminates "hot spots" and "shady edges"
  • Quick assembly
  • Higher luminosity levels per square inc
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Made in Canada
  • ETL listed components
  • Quick assembly


  • Brand: Gavita
  • Type: Pro EL 1000 Watt
  • Power: 1000 Watt
  • Lamp base: K12 x 30S
  • Growlight (µMol): 2100 μmol
  • Voltage: 400V

Adjust-A-Wings Defender (White Coating) Medium + Hellion DE Lamp Holder

  • Twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors in the global market
  • Increase the growing Area under each lamp by up to 75%
  • Increase Yield per Lamp up to 50%. Reduce heat, Save power
  • A wide range of settings available with all models
  • Adjust the Reflector & Lamp settings to create 'seasonal' conditions


  • White Reflector
  • 2 tensioning Cables
  • Max crop area. 1.75M x 1.35M
  • Dimensions:
    • Medium - 70CM x 55CM
  • To suit all 600W, 750W & 1000W DE lamps
  • Greatly reduces leaf surface temperature
  • 5 lamp-height positions
  • 9 wing-width settings
  • 12 months warranty

In The Box

  • [1] x Hi-Par DE Control Ballast - 1000W
  • [1] x Gavita Pro Plus EL HPS Lamp - 1000W | 400V | DE
  • [1] x Adjust-A-Wings Defender (White Coating) Medium + Hellion DE Lamp Holder