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Hi-Par 1000W 400V Pro Kit (Hi-Par Ballast + Osram DE Lamp + King Wing Reflector)

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Hi-Par 1000W 240V & 400V EL DE Ballast

Hi-Par 1000w/400v EL Horticultural Digital Ballast is equipped with DE Technology and to be used with double ended lamps.  Designed for medical, industrial or hobby horticulturalist.

It can be easily integrated into your existing grow room; simply replace your ballast & lamp with Hi-Par products and you will instantly achieve more useable grow light! More light = more yield!

The Hi Par 1000w 400v DE ballast has been designed in Germany to enable 400v DE Technology to be accessible to Medical & Hobby horticulturalists.  This ballast is ONLY to be used with 400v double ended lamps which are superior to the 240v lamps traditionally used because of the increased efficiency and PAR spectrum output.  Photosynthesis Active Radiation (PAR) refers to a specific part of the light spectrum that a plant actually uses photosynthesize light energy into growth energy.


  • Size L x W x H (mm): 318 a 166 x 96
  • Weight (kg): 4.3
  • Case: Graduated Fin Aluminium
  • Dimming Range: 60%, 75%, 100% & BOOST
  • Mains Supply Voltage: 240v 50Hz
  • Maximum Current (A): 4.94
  • Input Power (w): 1150
  • Output Power (w): 1000
  • Power Factor: 0.99


Hi-Par 1000W EL 400V HPS Double Ended Lamp

The Hi-Par 1000W EL 400V HPS Double ended lamp is designed for high-frequency ballasts. Developed and designed in Germany, this lamp is highly efficient and because it has a connection at each side of the lamp, therefore, removes the need for frame wire inside the lamp. The absence of frame wire eliminates any shadows in the beam.


  • PAR Output: 1850 - 2100 umol/s
  • Retro fits all 1000W double ended fixtures
  • Double ended connection


King Wing DE Reflector - Super Size 90CM x 90CM Shade

The King Wing is made of 25mm thick nanochrome aluminum and measures 90CM x 90CM. It is manufactured in North America and uses all ETL listed components. The product is quick and easy to assemble and weighs just 9 lbs. Independently adjustable wings allow the grower to create fully custom light patterns, as well as achieve a wider array of light while eliminating "hot spots" and "shady edges". The King Wing boasts higher luminosity per square inch than many of the wing and non-air-cooled reflectors on the market. The nanochrome aluminum is resistant to corrosion making it perfect for high humidity environments. Lamp cord included.


  • Independently adjustable wings
  • Nanochrome aluminum
  • Lamp cord included
  • Creates wider array
  • Fully customizable light pattern
  • Eliminates "hot spots" and "shady edges"
  • Quick assembly
  • Higher luminosity levels per square inc
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Made in Canada
  • ETL listed components
  • Quick assembly


In The Box

  • [1] x Hi-Par 240V & 400V EL DE Ballast 1000W
  • [1] x Osram 400V DE HPS Lamp 1000W
  • [1] x King Wing DE Reflector - Super Size 90CM x 90CM Shade