BVB Soil (Seedling Mix) - 70L Bag | 80% Fine Peat | 20% Perlite Mix | Organic Soil

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BVB Soil is the best organic soil solution for medical-grade gardens and is packaged in a massive 70L bag! 

BVB Soil is optimally comprised of an 80/20% Fine peat & perlite mix. It has been specifically manufactured for the Australian market but is precisely blended with Balken peat moss. Manufactured by the globally leading substrate supplier BVB ensures it is always consistent and reliable for your crops. 

The peat/perlite mix provides additional aeration to the roots whilst maintaining ideal moisture retention. If you're looking to grow in a healthy organic soil, this is the solution for your garden! 

It is manufactured specifically for horticulture and contains no heavy metals. Perfect for living soil no-till foundations or soil specific A/B nutrients. 

Our range of BVB Substrates is sustainably sourced according to the Responsible Peatland Management Code of Practice. 

In The Box

  • [1] x BVB Soil (Seedling Mix) - 70L Bag | 80% Fine Peat | 20% Perlite | Organic Soil
  • Provides plenty of air to your roots and moisture retention
  • Manufactured specifically for horticulture - no heavy metals
  • Balken, Europe blended peat moss
  • Perfect with H&G Soil A&B nutrients