[12 Sets] x Square Flower Pot & Bucket Kit - 18L | Diameter 290MM | Height 300MM

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The 18 Litre square bucket with holes slides into the square 18 Litre bucket. As the bottom 18L bucket is deeper than the top 18L pot, this creates a small reservoir. Fill the top pot with the growing medium or nutrient, and then drip feed. The medium and nutrient can then drain through to the bottom bucket where it can be discarded or recycled.

300MM x 300MM Square Bucket:

  • Size: 300MM(D) x 300MM (H)
  • Volume: 18 Litres

300MM x 300MM Square Pot with hole:

  • Size: 300MM (D) x 300MM (H)
  • Volume: 18 Litres

In The Box

  • [12] x Square Black Pot with Holes - 18L | Diameter 290MM | Height 300MM
  • [12] x Square Black Pot Bucket - 18L | Diameter 290MM | Height 300MM